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Today [July, 7th 2014] I’m celebrating my 14th year together with Pokeshipping [AshxMisty]. Exactly 14 years ago I’ve started drawing and loving them as a couple.
Because of my project for this year’s anniversary starts exactly on that day, I decided to show you the preview for “Rescue - Revenge on Ash“‘s Prologue. These are the rough sketches -with all their mistakes I still have to correct- for the first 16 pages I did in June. As you maybe can see it’s in my mother-language German. After doing the final versions I get some help by my friends and deviantART-members to get a “good” American-translation for it, same with FAITH.

Because of I’m doing a mini-comic this year again for my anniversary, Rescue's Upload-Debut won't start that soon. But I wanted to let you know, I still keep this project in my mind, although I'm fighting with myself these days again with my thoughts on keep on drawing. Just in case I'm doing something stupid -like giving up drawing- I’ll keep this sketches here, in hope you’ll enjoy them.

My tradition for my Pokeshipping-anniversarys always is to start drawing my anniversary-pictures exactly on the day when the anniversary actually is. This has to do with my thinking: “I’ve started exactly on this day my very first AshxMisty-sketch; so I’ll do my anniversary-sketch on this special date as well”. - Which means I can’t tell when the final project is coming online. I’m sorry for that.

Well - I’ve talked again way too much, so… Have a very great time. And thanks to all the people, who’re still by my side, liking my artwork, and most of all, keep staying Pokeshippers. I love you.

-MiyaToriaka, July 7th 2014-


*We’ve come a long way* ~♥ Pokeshipping Anniversary 2013 ♥~

Topic: “Doujinshi / Fancomics”

2001 - Rescue - Rache an Ash

2001-2006 - Abschied von Misty

2004 & 2006 - Destiny - and one dream

2004 - ? - We are *Only School Students’ [Wa*Oss*]

2004 - Reise durch die Jahre

2007 - Pokémon Christmas Bash

2009 - 2012 - FAITH

2011 - Sunsets mean Goodbye

2013 - Returning [in progress]

2013 - Bodylanguage

High Quality

13 years Pokeshipping - Evolution

Requested by a friend: For all those who can’t believe sometimes you can become something; how I started drawing Ash and Misty. Please, come with me to my Pokeshipping-world and enjoy all my anniversary pictures and their evolution. ♥ -MiyaToriaka

July, 7th 2000

July, 7th 2001

2002 - Not found, sorry

July, 7th 2002

July, 7th 2003

July, 7th 2004

July, 7th 2005

July, 7th 2006

July, 7th 2007

July, 7th 2008

July, 7th 2009

July, 7th 2010

July, 7th 2011

July, 7th 2012


13 years Pokeshipping ♥

Today I’m celebrating 13 years with Ash and Misty. ♥ Wanna join? :D

Because of a friend asked me, I’ll upload today’s evening (European-Time) my so-far-done Pokeshipping-Anniversary-Pictures from each year, since the 2013’s one has to be done first (I’ll start skatching my anniversay-pictures exactly on the date of July, 7th, because that was the date I started drawing Pokeshipping. It’s like my personal ritual. ^///^). So - have a happy July, 7th (which is the day of love in Japan - as I’ve read once and I wanna believe it is true, because this is such a perfect irony and destiny)

Yours MiyaToriaka ♥


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