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aimaileafy fragte:

And another! Egoshipping or... uhm... Orangeshipping (Tracy and Misty? Is that the right name xD?)!

EGO!!! So much for Ego!!! Go, go, go!!! (Tracey, I love you, but… sorry… you don’t fit with her…)
Gary x Misty would be a really interesting relationship, in my eyes. They got known to each other through Ash’s journey and he always was a part of their lives, both seeing something special in him, as a rival and crush. That’s what makes them having something “incommon”. Plus, both are really dominant types, but I guess Misty would be one of these girls who could show Gary his limits. They would often fight, but she’d be the one winning 70% of that challenges. I think that would be a lot of fun and a very interesting together-living. I can’t describe it, but I love in a very funny way this imagination.

aimaileafy fragte:

I have no clue about these shipping names, so I have to explain it different: Ash/Clemont or Gary/Ash?

Pallet wins over Diode, although I really, really love the relationship between Clemont and Ash. The problem is, I can’t see Ash as a Seme, but Clemont would be an Uke totally - 100% sure! - That ship wouldn’t working. For Pallet it’s more… “canon-ly”, believable? It would fit to the previous (“first”) Pokémon-Story. Also - sorry, but Ash and Gary belong to my beloved triangle-shipping, that’s why Poke, Pallet, and Ego will always win. ♥

warlordess fragte:

Pearlshipping or Amourshipping? Contestshipping or Geekchicshipping? Orangeshipping or Gymshipping? Bwahaha, making things difficult for you~!

Ou yeah, that one was really… mad. >XD

Amourshipping waaaaay over Pearl, although I don’t like both of them.

Contest and GeekChic I like equally, but I’m going for GeekChic, since Serena and Clemont are so much fun to draw.

I neither like Orange nor Gym, they’re both pure NOTPs to me, but if I had to choose, I’ll go for Orange


I did it! I can’t believe it! After 12 hours (7 hours outlines and sketch and 5 hours coloring) and with the help of 12 different polychromos, two prisma colors, one Derwent Blender and 14 copics I’m done with the background ;w; happiness! 

Okay I’m not done 100%. Highlights are still missing, that’s way the lights aren’t “turned on”. My devise is to not ad highlights until the very end, so sadly that has to wait. 

… I’m still so damn speechless how GREAT this looks… Isn’t her art just gorgeous? Surely it is… Forever my heroine for breath-taking backgrounds with traditional art: Aimaileafy.

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