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unlike-the-movies fragte:

Whoa, mein größtes Zeichenidol seit meiner Kindheit verliert seine Inspiration... was ;A; Auch wenn du mich nicht kennst, wollte ich dir ganz persönlich alles Gute auf deinem weiteren Weg wünschen! Tu was am besten für dich ist ♥

Es tut mir leid, wirklich. ;__; Ich kämpfe schon seit ein paar Jahren damit. Noch habe ich nicht ganz aufgegeben, aber ich nehme mir jetzt mal eine längere Zeit ne Pause und hoffe, dass meine Sehnsucht zum Zeichnen dadurch geweckt wird. Klingt komisch, aber mir fällt sonst echt nichts mehr ein.

Ich danke dir von Herzen. T///T Ich hoffe wie gesagt selbst noch, aber ich musste das jetzt echt mal in nem post los werden.

Dir auch alles Gute. ;w;/)


Romantic flight

So as I’ve mentioned before, if I were to write this story (which I likely never will but anyway) I’d probably have Ash’s befriending of Pikachu lead to him meeting and bonding with other Pokémon. And when Misty finds out what he’s doing he and Pikachu snatch a ride on Charizard for the “kidnapping”/flight to happen.

I think I’ve never drawn a Charizard before. Just… don’t look at the wings. I don’t think I could draw wings that make any anatomical sense to save my life. Other than that, I’m pretty satisfied how this one came out.


"He’s alive! You brought him back alive!"
"…well, you know… most of him."

On a scale from 1 to 10 how much did I just want to get to the drama …I’m sorry, Ash.

Delia is Stoick by virtue of being the non-disappeared parent. I’m going with “Ash befriended a few other Pokémon thanks to Pikachu” because I can’t figure out how half of the movie would work without something that can fly and carry a person, so by ‘you’ she’s probably addressing all of his “team”—though I picture Pikachu in particular would be fiercely protective of him.

Bonus doodle of Misty being relieved.




"…and that’s for everything else."

Continuing the HTTYD au thing. Of course I had to draw pokeshipping next.

Although this scene happens after the “romantic flight” in the movie, and I’m not sure how that’d go— I mean, they obviously can’t fly on Pikachu, so either Ash shows her something else that changes her mind about Pokémon (but I don’t know what), or he befriends other Pokémon as well thanks to Pikachu (his Kanto team) and the flight happens on Charizard… I’ll have to think about it some more.

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