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So if Ash and Misty do eventually get together, where does that leave Pikachu? If Ash is all over his girl, Pikachu will be forgotten :(

But then again, Ash isn’t the one to just forget about his best buddy. And Misty gets on well with Pikachu too :)

Why would Ash forget about his best friend?

I can’t picture a scenario where Ash would put anything or anyone before Pikachu honestly, but even ignoring that, the dynamics of Ash and Pikachu’s relationship, Ash and Misty’s, and Misty and Pikachu’s always integrated with one another from the start. Pikachu clearly loves and has a meaningful relationship with both Ash and Misty (he even bonded with Misty more easily than he did with Ash at first). Misty clearly loves him back. And we know that has never changed.



Pikachu was never in the way of Ash and Misty’s relationship, just like Misty was never in the way of Ash and Pikachu’s. Their relationship was basically designed to function with all three of them involved. I don’t see why that would need to change if things were to become romantic between Ash and Misty.

This post is the most beautiful I’ve ever seen when it comes to canonness in the original series and their relationships.

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