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To celebrate Pokeshipping Day (November 7th) we’re having a Pokeshipping Theme Week!

• Each theme can be interpreted in any way you’d like to. Fanfiction, fanart, edits, gifs, AMVs, fanmixes, headcanons, analysis—be creative! Anything you’d like to contribute with is fine as long as it fits the theme.

• You can do something for each theme or choose to do just one or two. Every contribution is welcome, no matter how small!

• You can do the same thing for every theme (ie a drawing for each day of the week) or pick something different for each. No limitations!

• It’s not a competition, so please don’t feel that your art, writing, editing skills etc. aren’t good enough to participate! The point is to have fun and make pokeshipping things.

Tag your contributions as “Pokeshipping Week” when you post them, so I can see them and reblog them here!

Reblog to spread the word!

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