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Well... I saw all these wonderful and perfect Headcanons you've posted of Tumblr-users and I had a spontanous idea. Maybe if there's some interest, we may do a little Tumblr-Pokeshipping-Project where we can do together some mini-comic-series to that amazing headcanons -as far as the writers agree, of course!-. Everyone would be able to join the party. It doesn't have to be perfect but seeing these wonderful things in pictures as a team would be so damn amazing. ♥ [That's a fan-headcanon XD ♥]


Oh, that’s a lovely idea :D I’m posting it to see if there’s more people who would like to partecipate!

Rescue - Revenge on Ash - in English! Thanks to nacrate! ♥

nacrate has read “Rescue - Revenge on Ash” and asked me, if she was allowed to translate it into English. This was so damn amazing, I was fainting and I’m so, so happy, she is trying to do it. Please, don’t come up with "This doesn’t seem right written" or "There’s a grammar mistake here and there"… It is very, very difficult to translate this story and I’d be thankful, if you could just appreciate that you’re ABLE to FINALLY read an English version of it.

Once some deviantART-members tried there, too, and they did an amazing job as well and I thank everyone who tried it.

Please, give nacrate all the time she needs to translate the single chapters. Please, don’t be disappointed or sad if there aren’t coming chapters in a regular time. She’s doing her very best and I’m so, so thankful she even tries. After all she’s doing it out of herself and volunteered.

Thank you for the attention. And now I wish you

lots of fun with "Rescue - Revenge on Ash" in English!

Rescue - Revenge on Ash - Prologue

She wouldn’t be able to take the tension between herself and the 15-year-old black-haired boy much longer. Since they had separated from their best buddy – his name was Brock – he hadn’t talked to the redhead at all. So it was totally justified for her to start feeling insecure and ask questions, wasn’t, it? Though she hesitated first, she built up enough courage to catch up with him. Due to her insecurity and because he mustn’t notice it – EVER – she rather sneaked than walked behind him. That was about to change.

„Ash, what’s the matter with you? Since you’ve told Brock and me that you have to go to Pallet Town, you haven’t spoken a single word to me and even to him, you just said ‘Well, take care, Brock. I’m sure we’ll meet again soon.’ And then you just turned around! What to you think he’s thinking of his best friend of 5 years now, huh?“

It just didn’t work. Her words hardly reached him. Though he sighed and looked at Pikachu, he didn’t even give Misty as much as a glance. Suddenly and somewhat annoyed by that, Misty blowed her cheeks and stopped on the soft forest ground. How could he be that igorant? At least she talked to him and he – he probably just thought of this as a game!

Arrogantly she put one hand akimbo; in the other hand, she was gently holding her little pokéfriend Togepi.

„Well, ‘pokémon master’! Go ahead and keep going alone and talk to Pikachu about your plan! I’m done with that!“ She wanted to turn around and leave. Just how had she withstood all those years with such an inflated, stubborn, arrogant…

„No! – Wait, please!“ Now he did turn towards her, and Misty couldn’d only hear displease, but also some kind of worry and sadness in his voice. He certainly wouldn’t want her to realize it. Well, Misty wasn’t exactly the cold-hearted type, so she turned to Ash with a grumpy „What is it?!“. His appearance shortly took her breath away. His eyes, almost completely hidden behind his well-known hat, looked more than just sad. No, there had to be something else. Sighing, she took a few steps in his direction, clasping Togepi with both of her hands again.

She tried to lighten the mood: „Talk to me already. Do you think I’m gonna attack you right away or what?“

„I’m sorry…“ Suddenly his eyes were fully concealed by his head. Misty didn’t quite understand this and just brought out an inappropriate „Huh?“, because she just couldn’t comprehend that action. What was he apologizing for? Even though she would have liked to satisfy her curiosity, she didn’t want to hurt him more that he already seemed to be, so she remained silent.

„It’s not like I don’t trust you…don’t you think that! After all, we’ve been friends for so long! But I can only tell you what I’m planning to do in Pallet as soon as we get there – do you understand?“ Now he looked at her in a way that Misty had never seen on him: Sensitively, honestly, quite seriously. What was the matter with his eyes and why did they stare at each other so intensively? And why the heck did she completely understand his request? Why did she see it clearly right away? And why did she immediately respond to it with „Of course!“ - even with a smile on her face?

Ash’s tension reduced instantly. He sighed lightly. Then he gave her a quick smile, but turned away right after. Again, Misty barely understood what was going on, although she usually was the one able to think quickly. Misty then had to do as Ash did and sigh over her thoughts. As silent as she had done it for the past three hours, she followed her team mate, a little more brave, maybe also driven by her curiosity about what would await her in Pallet Town.

Hold on – something attracted her attention. Something very, very odd. Something she would never have expected. Her eyes widened and she stopped walking again, looking at Ash, who was a hundred meters ahead of her again. He seemed to have noticed that Misty wasn’t there once again. He gradually stopped and turned around.

„What is it? Have you taken roots or what?“ He tilted his head a little to the side in irritation, as if he waited for her to follow him immediately. But she really did stand rigidly like a tree.

„Huh?“ This time it was Ash’s turn to not understand a thing. After a few minutes, he started walking towards her. Without batting an eye, he squinted at her warily and waved his hand around in front of her face.

„Helloho?! Someone there? Misty, you’re hindering the traffic again! We wanted to be out of the forest by nightfall, remember? But we’ll only manage to do so if you stir your lame butt from the spot already and keep up with me.“

Misty turned bright red in anger. Did he just say „lame butt“?! To HERS, at that?! Now it really was enough!

„Ash Ketchum! If I get ahold of you, you better PRAY for just getting ONE black eye! Too much is too much! I’ve had to deal with this for years and my gentleness has its limits!“ She was already about to put Togepi on the ground to be able to drag him over the coals in a whole new way, but he preempted her with a crosstalk.

„THAT’S what you call gentleness? Geez, I wish I had ever seen anything of that gentleness! Every time you’re being offered any help you instantly go through the roof and you’re like ‘I’m so strong and cool all by myself’! I’m sick of it! I’ve had enough of you going off and not even being able to bring yourself to a simple ‘Thank you’ every time I want to help you! I’m not your pet, got it? Let’s go, Pikachu!“ A bit confused, the little Pokémon stared at the two contrahents that both actually meant very much to it and it was downright on the fence. Without wasting any words at the hysterical girl, Ash turned around jerkily and continued walking the path he originally wanted to walk together with Misty. But she was too dumbfounded by his words to move any further. Instead…


Even though she had just whispered it…even though maybe he shouldn’t have heard it, Ash stopped, but he didn’t turn around. He just stood there and waited. But for what?

Misty glumly lowered her head. To this moment, she had thought to be the happiest girl in the world – but now…after that brutal truth, she didn’t want to talk to him about the thought she had been keeping for a while, anymore. But still, she did.

„Ash, why…“ Maybe she did to make her conscience clear again, „…do you want me to travel…“ Maybe she did to gain clarity, „…along with you anyway…?“ Or maybe she just did to finally be told what that emptiness in her meant, when she couldn’t be with Ash… „Please“, she still whispered as she asked him all this, and yet she looked at him as intensively as he had looked at her earlier. „Answer me, Ash…it’s all I wanna know…nothing else…why did you make Brock go away? Because you mean to tell me that our friendship is over, now that you’ve achieved almost everything?

„Stop…“ Ash’s hands suddenly started trembling. He wanted to suppress it, but deep down, something struggled against him. No matter how hard he tried, he seemed to be weak against himself, for whatever reason.

„If you wanted to tell me that, why don’t you do it now and here, instead of dragging me along and hurting both me and yourself?“

„STOP IT!!!“

Misty seemed to have gone too far, because now it was Ash who yelled at her and got completely out of breath. Maybe he didn’t even notice what these words did to him.

Something seemed to have sticked in Misty’s throat, too. They were still countless meters apart, but they felt very well how they were looking daggers at each other. Suddenly, when they both simultaneously wanted to take a step towards each other, they heard a weird rustling in the shrubbery, temporarily distracting the two of them.

„ARRR!!! ARBOK!!!“ The snake-like, cobra-formed Pokémon dashed out of the bushes like an arrow and spitted a sludge attack on the surprised Pikachu.

„CHAAAAAA!!!“ Pikachu tried to rub its eyes, but Arbok was quicker and wrapped itself around it, almost unabling it to breathe.

„Pikachu!!!“ Ash was shocked. He quickly wanted to help his friend, but he was thrown to the side by a strong hit. He screamed out in pain as he crashed into a tree and held his bruised upper arm.

„Ash!“ Misty could just watch him fall and ran towards him. „Starmie, go!“ After she had bent down in front of him, Misty commanded her water pokémon to set Pikachu free.

„Pikachu…GNN! Try a – thunderbolt!“ Ash was weakened, but he could always rely on his fighting spirit. Bravely, he got up and even shoved the concerned Misty away a bit. „Don’t worry!“, he smiled with a wink. „We’ll manage!“

Misty just nodded and although Ash was so confident, she had a bad feeling about this. Something was different. Since when did Team Rocket attack with Arbok and Weezing without saying the motto first? Ash had noticed that to, but at the moment he was busy saving Pikachu, since it wasn’t only in captivity, but also injured.

Pikachu tried to perform it’s trainer’s attack, but when it gave Arbok a thunderbolt, it didn’t feel anything of it.


„What’s going on?“ Not only Pikachu, but also Ash was shattered. Since when did Arbok put off that kind of attack so easily? It was still a poison type!

„Ash, Arbok is carrying a repel item!“

„A what?“ Ash sceptically looked at Misty with raised eyebrows and a disgruntled expression. Misty hit her forehad with her palm.

„Dammit, Ash! That’s a repel lotion that works like rubber and turns down electrical attacks! Jessie must’ve sprayed it with that!“

Suddenly a jarring, evil laugh that could only belong to one woman was audible from far away. First Ash and Misty looked around in confusion, but they knew very well that they had to look up to see the slob trio.

„I figured they’d show up some time…“, Ash noted a little bored and waited for them to show themselves. The balloon was there, however, it was distinctly perceptible that only one person sat in it.

„Crap, it’s just Meowth!“

„Yeah, I can hear it, too…“, Misty had to agree with him for a change, biliously looking up to the balloon, until she was suddenly grabbed by a vine and Ash by a wrap attack.

„ARGH!“, both yelled simultaneously and were ruggedly thrown back-to-back of each other by Arbok and Victreebel.

„What the…!“, Ash wanted to start swearing, when Misty sreamed out loudly behind him:

„NO!!! TOGEPI!“ In all that clutter, Misty had accidentally let go of the little egg pokémon and thrown it directly into Jessies arms, who suddenly stood in front of her with a mean grin on her face, along with James, in front of Ash, holding Pikachu in a glass cage while the pokémon was already worn out because the capsule was both draining its energy and its air supply.

„Pikachu!!! Pikachu, say something, please!“ Ash tried to fight against Arbok using all his energy, but it wasn’t giving in a single inch and threw him against Misty again, whose face was contorted in pain, just like his own.

„Now you’re flabbergasted, aren’t you?“

„What?!“ Ash stared at James more than furious, who still grinned at him confidently.

„Well, you twerps, it’s all over for the nice Team Rocket! From now on, your pokémon belong to us!“ Jessie bent down to Misty and pinched her in the right cheek. „Did you really think you got rid of us?“

„OW! That hurts!“ Misty angrily kicked Jessie’s shin.

„AAH, you little…! GRRR, MEOWTH!!!“

Meowth lowered the balloon closely above Jessie and James and threw something to them.

„Now don’t spread any terror!“

„Is the trap done yet?“, James asked a bit ill-humoured.

„WHAT TRAP?!“, Ash and Misty yelled simultaneously, at the same time as Jessie and James wrapped them in a rope.

„Yeah, it’s been done long since, but you’re just too slow“, Meowth grumbled and sighed lightly. The boss didn’t wait all day for them after all!

„Just shut up!“, was the respond that the cat pokémon got in stereo. It then got thrown at by the glass cage containing Pikachu, knocking it off its feet.

„What’s the big idea?!“ Do you really think you’ll get away with this?!“, Ash ranted, having been pinioned against Misty in the meantime, which made it hard for them to move.

„Of course, stealing your pokémon was a cinch“, Jessie countered calmly and pointed at a sack. Ash and Misty noticed just then that it didn’t only contain Pikachu, Togepi and Starmie, but also all of their other pokémon.

„What, how did you…?“, Misty wanted to know, but instead of listening to her, she and Ash were given a kick and they finally learned what trap the trio had meant. They landed in the self-digged hole fairly ruggedly.

„Well, great!“, Ash commented growling when they saw Team Rocket flying away above them.

„Take care, twerps!“

„Make sure to write us a postcard! Oops! I forgot, you can’t with your arms being pinioned and all!“

The laughter of the three was still audible from a hundred miles away.

„No! Pikachuuuu!!!“ Ash couldn’t do anything else than screaming.

„Pika Pi…“ No matter how badly Pikachu wanted it, but its energy was almost used up and everything around it started looking blurry. It collapsed eventually.

„Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Chikorita…!!“


„Cyndaquil, Totodile, Charizard…!!“

„DAMMIT, ASH!!!“ Finally, Misty could reach his mind and attract his attention. „Stop whining like a little kid! The sooner we get out of here, the better!“

„And how, Miss know-it-all? Do you think we can just get out that easily without any pokémon and our arms all pinioned together?!“

„If we stick together, yes“, the girl grinned and pointed at a bigger rock that was sticking out of the wall. Ash understood and tried to get up along with Misty. Though they needed a few tries, it worked eventually as they had been a team for a long time.

„This is all taking too long! They’ll be long gone by the time we get out of here!“

„Stop complaining and move! In step! And one, and two!“ For once, Ash did as Misty told him, so they managed to get to the rock.

„Ready?“ Misty looked at Ash eagerly.

„Ready!“, he answered and Ash and Misty simultaneouslydid some kind of squats. That way, they were causing friction on the rope, which was rubbed through soon after, resulting in them being free.

„Man, I’m glad we’re not conjoined twins. I wouldn’t be able to take as much as two days of that.“ Misty rubbed her arms a bit to encourage blood flow.

„Psh! I couldn’t take a single day!“, Ash countered maybe a little hurt and also grumpy – yet without letting that show – and climbed up the wall. Misty looked at him a bit disappointed, but tried to focus on the important stuff and not on Ash. After all, they had to get out of there first and then rescue their pokémon. But now Ash was so furious that he made it to the top way quicker than Misty, because by the time she saw the low sun again, Ash already wanted to run after the balloon, despite of not knowing where it went in the first place.

„PIKACHUUU!!! - I’m coming, Pikachu…hang in there!“

Misty sighed lightly. Once again, she was caught up in a weird situation with Ash and they had to feel the consequences together – both their pokémon were gone, after all. And still…Misty had wished for a little more compassion on Ash’s side…

„Ash! – Wait for me!“ The only thing she could do now was to try to keep up with him, which would be quite difficult…


Brock is usually really patient with Misty and Ash’s constant spats, but one day he’s just sitting there trying to enjoy some quiet and peace and the two go off on the weather, and he just screams, “FOR THE LOVE OF MEW WILL YOU BOTH SHUT UP!?!?!”

And so then they realize…

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